monodrama for soprano, saxophone and percussion
created in collaboration with the performers
with the kind support of the Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona and the Institut Ramon Llull
premiered on June 7, 2019 at the Forum Wallis Festival (Schloss Leuk, Switzerland)


HOR is a monodrama in one act, based on the story My Name is Hor by the German writer Michael Ende.
Three musicians on stage give life to Hor. He is a mysterious creature who, like the minotaur, lives in a gigantic building in which corridors and halls follow one
another without ever finding windows or exits.
In his dreams, Hor thinks he experiences other realities, but they fade away when he returns to the waking state.
This work takes us into a common space that joins dream and reality; it takes us into a time in which past and future inhabit an infinite present.


Artistic Director and music composition: Luis Tabuenca
Music Assistant: Ana-María Alarcón-Jiménez
Movement Assistant: Lautaro Reyes
Light Design: Horne Horneman
Masks: felixlozal
Performers: Ilona Schneider (soprano), Tere Gómez and Ana Parejo (saxophone),  Luis Tabuenca (percussion)




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